Construction Project Manager


  • Independent handling and supervision of regional and national projects

  • Coordination and cooperation with specialist planners, architects, building owners, technicians and subcontractors

  • Responsibility for adherence to quality, schedules and cost control

  • Follow-up management

Ваших квалификации

  • Naturally you work precisely, are punctual and active, solution-oriented, have strong nerves and are friendly while looking for exciting challenges like all our applicants. If you can also have the following qualifications, we’d be delighted to meet you.

  • Basic knowledge of Nemechek Allplan

  • Skilled in MS Office

Мы предлагаем

  • A challenging occupation with room for your ideas

  • Experienced colleagues and a familial atmosphere

  • Fair salary based on performance, holiday pay and flexible working hours

  • Various opportunities for your further education

  • Year-round work, even in winter

  • Additional accident insurance in the professional sector

  • Health promotion / primary prevention

  • Jobticket for public transport

  • Fair salary depending on qualifications and work experience

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Почему стоит работать в Stadler?

  • Гибкий график работы

  • Мобильная работа

  • Современное оборудование & рабочие места

  • Вознаграждение выше среднего

  • Велосипед, специальные выплаты и ваучерная карта

  • Субсидированное дальнейшее & продвинутое обучение

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