A group of women with flowers in their hands standing in a staircase. On the right is a man.
Friday, March 8, 2024

The STADLER power women and the courageous lion

  • Monika Fischer while working at her desk
    Monika Fischer
Holding, Technical Construction, Air Conditioning

Pfaffenhausen: March 8th has become a fixed date in the Stadler calendar. This is a time to celebrate all the strong, courageous and wonderful women in our company. Of course, Mr. Stadler is very gentlemanly and presents each of the 11 ladies with a flower (author's note: We have to organize the flowers ourselves, but the gesture counts.)

On this day, our boss, like a brave lion, faces the concentrated female power from the Stadler Group and takes us out to dinner. Of course, we don't just eat crunchy salads and fresh fruit that day, we also indulge in pizza and pasta dishes. People giggle, talk about beauty tips and of course men too. Every now and then we get a tip from the boss... but that's another topic...

Because: who runs the world? Girls!

We Stadler ladies are enjoying the day and are already looking forward to next year, when it will be said again:


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Monika Fischer while working at her desk

Monika Fischer

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