A white room with technical equipment made from stainless steel
A white room with technical equipment made from stainless steel

Induction Systems

ESJET® is a compact circulation system which can cover all air conditions, no matter their complexity. The system in its highest configuration level is comprised of an air recirculation unit with cooling and heating registers, a fan, a humidifier, and a remote control system developed specifically for this use-case. The air induction principle ensures the exact same air conditions at any given point within a room without drafts, as long as certain constructional parameters are met—all without an air ducting system.


  • ESJET® HX Heating/Cooling/(De-)Humidification

  • ESJET® HC Heating/Cooling/Dehumidification

  • ESJET® C Cooling

  • ESJET® H Heating

  • ESJET® FX Air distribution with humidification

  • ESJET® F Air distribution

Tailor-made solutions:

The device can be customized for each room specifically during installation by adapting the size and arrangement of the outflow nozzles. (We produce each device in our own manufacturing plant.)

Application, for example in the food industry

Cheese maturation, meat aging, fermentation rooms:

Creates ideal circumstances for maturation. Since refrigeration produces moisture, the air will constantly be re-humidified. Consequently, maturation loss can be minimized, or avoided alltogether.

Production facilities/Processing facilities/Slicer rooms/Packaging rooms

For optimal air distribution and sterilization, where applicable with air conditioning, for extending the expiration date

Engine rooms

Optimal air distribution

  • Climate system ESJET®

  • Duct-free air distribution

  • Recuperator, pipes and slats made from stainless steel

  • Custom software

  • Devices made from stainless steel produced in-house

  • Simple cleaning with integrated and automated cleaning system

  • Hygienic design

  • Precise temperature and humidity control within the entire maturation area

  • Aspiration hygrometer as humidity sensor

  • Uniform, production-aligned airflow

  • Higher energy-efficiency than comparable systems

  • Instrumentation and control engineering adapted to air conditions between 95 and 100% relative humidity

  • Control cabinets made from V2A stainless steel (comparable to 1.4301 or aisi 304, source)

  • Spare parts warehouse in Pfaffenhausen

  • In-house customer support and installation staff