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"Air is our most important resource. We should take care of it like we take care of our health!"

R. Stadler
Your competent partner for high-quality, reliable and affordable solutions since 1973.

Through the combination of our AIR CONDITIONING and TECHNICAL CONSTRUCTION departments, we are able to offer holistic construction concepts.
Our competences include the planning and realization of:
  • Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning
  • Induction systems
  • Cladding systems
  • Steel and stainless steel processing
  • Maintenance & service

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"We are breaking the mold. Our goals are affordability and environmental sustainability. Our efforts, our experience for your success!"

Roland Stadler
Procurator Air Conditioning

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"You have questions, problems, or ideas? Then speak to me or send me an email. I’ll reply as soon as possible."

Reinhard Schmutz

It’s great to "see" you!

"I’m looking forward to planning your project with you."

Daniel Vogel


"If we keep in touch regularly and coordinate well, we’ll achieve outstanding results.
I’m looking forward to working with you."

Alexandra Freisinger


"Only those who keep their cool will face life‘s volcanic eruptions with serenity."

Erwin Stadler
The growing demand of complex technical solutions for industrial facilities nowadays does not only demand an excellent performance in the individual fields of expertise, but also the ability to combine different fields and develop new, cost-effective solutions. We want to meet the growing demand for solutions, which are not only

economically and energetically, but also ecologically optimised, by offering future-oriented services. We thus look for and develop long-lasting and personal relationships to our customers.
In recent years, we have actively been working on building a range of professional competences, in order to offer you the perfect solution for your task.

"Only with precise planning can a strategic focus be possible."

Rüdiger Stadler
We want to meet the growing demand for solutions, which are not only economically and energetically, but also ecologically optimised, by offering future-oriented services. We thus look for and develop long-lasting and personal relationships with our customers. We combine the planning competence of an engineering office with the high professional qualifications of an executing company in the most beneficial way for you. Our company treats your project as a holistic task.

In consultation with architects, construction engineers, technicians and the customer, we develop ideas and expand them to be sustainable solutions. Of course we offer our engineering services for individual components as well as holistic concepts. We will take care of the overall planning of a project and thereby act as a general contractor from the first strategic idea and planning all the way to full operation and even possible expansions, changes or optimisations at a later time.

"Nothing is as powerful as an idea whose time has come."

Victor Hugo
Our highly qualified project managers will assist you throughout all phases of your projects and will thus guarantee the smooth-running. Whenever it is needed, they can quickly come to a decision based on your concerns. Our experienced and professionally trained staff members will make your construction projects a reality.

Naturally, we pay as much attention to maintaining our quality and safety standards as to our high-grade execution of your project. We can also oversee the implementation of your project as a general contractor.

"Only a well maintained system is safe to operate and delivers all required functions."

Franz Seitz (Service Techniker)
For us, maintenance starts immediately after the technical approval of a project realized by us. Our service division would love to support you with the statutory UVV-inspections, as well as the general maintenance of your systems. You can either enter into a maintenance agreement with us so we will take care of your plants regularly,

or you can request our services whenever there’s a need. Remote servicing is available as well and we are readily available for any optimizations, changes, and upgrades. Naturally, we always guarantee the availability of spare parts as much as possible.

Nur ein gut gewartetes Bauwerk ist betriebssicher und bleibt werthaltig.

Manfred Rogg
Nach der Abnahme eines von uns realisierten Projekts beginnt für uns die Betreuung. Unsere Serviceabteilung betreut Sie gerne bei gesetzlich vorgeschriebenen UVV-Prüfungen von kraftbetätigten Toranlagen, Brandschutztoren sowie Brandwanddurchführungen oder bei der Wartung von dauerelastischen Fugen.

Sie können mit uns einen Wartungsvertrag abschließen, dann kümmern wir uns wiederkehrend um Ihr Gebäude, bzw. uns immer wieder nach Bedarf anfordern. Auch bei Optimierung, Umbau und Ergänzungen stehen wir gerne zu Ihrer Verfügung. Eine umfangreiche Ersatzteilvorhaltung ist für uns selbstverständlich


For more than four decades, our name has stood for quality and competence. High customer satisfaction and trust result from that. International brand leaders from different market segments count on and trust in us and our services, creating permanent business relationships.
We’ll gladly provide you with an exhaustive list of references upon request.



Reliability and professional skills: quality as a constant component of each individual process—from consulting to execution.


You as a customer and your particular requirements are always at the center of our work. For you, we keep improving the quality of our products and services.


In your best interest, we react calmly and immediately to any unforeseen events. Problems are challenges that we solve with individual solutions.


We understand our job as a holistic process and handle everything from consulting, planning, execution up to support. We act in an environmentally conscious way and use our resources efficiently.


We continue to strive for constant improvement, which helps in always adapting to the new demands of the market. This puts both us and you in the strongest position.


With our high quality stanrads, qualified employees and technical know-how, we can offer you high-quality, reliable and economic solutions.


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